Monthly Archives: May 2011

Never done learning…

I’m never satisfied with what I know. I want to know more. I want to see more. And, oh yeah, give me more chocolate, too.

It took me years and years to finally get my degree, but I was determined to meet that goal. My husband and I moved around a lot and that was some of my problem. Every time I started back at college I changed my major, partly because everything interested me. Okay, maybe not everything.I’m sort of like that dog in Up! when he spotted a squirrel and said, “Squirrel!” and his attention changed immediately.

My attention drifts easily, too. I was drawn to elementary education (until I realized some of the kids were smarter than me), then art (I am the Queen of Dabblers), then English history (no real reason here), then American history (slightly better), and finally I finished in Gerontology (working with senior adults).

I’m still learning and hope to do so right up until the day I change permanent locations, if you get my idea.