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Unique Christmas Treats

There are so many wonderful recipes for Christmas candy, cookies and other desserts…all very normal. I wanted to round up some slightly “unique” treats and share them. Here is some of what I found:

Magical Reindeer Chow:



Cream Cheese Mints:




Pumpkin Seed Beer Brittle




Pumpkin Marshmallows:




Old Fashioned Gingerbread Fudge:



Gingerbread Popcorn:




Gingerbread Truffles:



Candy Cane Truffles:



Easy Oreo Truffles:



Peanut Butter & Jelly Truffles:



Truffle Ornaments:






Holiday Fun: Christmas with Blossom the Cow

Decorating for the Christmas season is one of my love/hate things. I have way too many decorations and it can be a pain getting them all out and deciding which to put out and where each year. But I really enjoy looking at them for the month they are up, both at home and in my office.

Today I am sharing about decorating at my office, which is where I focus on Blossom the cow, my beloved fictional friend. Cow decorations in a business office probably aren’t what people typically expect to see. Yet they bring a smile to everyone who does see them. How can they not? They’re great fun.

A couple of years ago my sister made this composite Blossom decoration that represents many of Blossom’s stories. She is in my office year round for inspiration. I also treasure it because of all the thought, time, and effort my sister put into making it for me. It’s priceless.




This year when Blossom decided to pose for her annual Christmas picture, she wanted to be with a couple of her friends. She is wearing a beautiful red velvet, white fur-trimmed dress and the smile on her face shows how happy she is. Her Christmas mouse friend is a ceramic figurine I made when my daughter was born. And Blossom’s other friend is a dancing/singing tree, Pete. Who knows what kind of mischief they get into when the offices are empty and they’re alone to party down.

Lastly, I have started decorating a cow tree the last couple of years. I look forward to putting it up each year and it gets a LOT of attention. It is definitely not your typical Christmas tree…but I’m not your typical person. I love the unique and fun.


I’m hoping whoever sees these photos will also get a smile.