How much did you accomplish this year?

One of my writing groups has a time in December when we talk about what we accomplished in our writing life each year. That is always interesting to me. I enjoy hearing again what my friends had accomplished or our currently working on. I love sharing with others in their accomplishments, their small failures, their determination to continue on, and to support them however I can.

This is also a time when I have a chance to really think about what I, too, accomplished…or didn’t. Life seems like it has been so crazy this year. I’ve felt like I’ve gone in so many different paths and didn’t think I had actually done much in my writing life in 2016.

But I was wrong…okay, that’s not the first time I’ve been wrong. This was a “good” wrong. I did so much more than I believed. Go me! Just so you can see why I’m patting myself on the back, here are the things I cam up with as “Yes, I actually did this.” Take the time to think about what you actually did as well. You might surprise yourself.

Published as Starla Criser

  • Blossom Sings with Her Friends
  • Kansas Dreams collection from KWA – The Magic of a Cinnamon Roll

Snippet Stories Published as Starla Criser (on Blossom the Cow website, Free stories)

  • Making New Friends
  • Blossom’s Tummy Ache
  • Halloween Fun
  • Sometimes We Misunderstand
  • Some Gifts Are Less Appreciated
  • Ferdie…The Elephant?
  • Ferdie Sings
  • Matilda’s Plan
  • Just a Little Dreaming
  • Making a Friend Happy is All That Matters
  • A Special Treat for a Hot Summer Day
  • A Bad Day Turns Into a Good One
  • Making a New Friend
  • Be Careful What You Say

Books Edited and Published for Another Author

  • Petie the Parrot’s Amazing Adventure (Sharon Lee Brown)
  • Susie the Ladybug Makes New Friends (Sharon Lee Brown)

Program Given to Kansas Writers Association

  • Self-Publishing

Writing Classes to both the Downtown Senior Center and Linwood Senior Center

  • Writing Genres
  • Idea Development
  • Writing Basics
  • More Writing Basics
  • Writing Process
  • Characters
  • Characterization
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Publishing Process
  • Marketing

Community Writing Events Participated In

  • First Annual Local Writers’ Day
  • Final Friday October 28 Senior Talent at the Downtown Senior Center

Writing Projects in Process – as Starla Criser

  • It’ll be Okay, Lucy (first book in Lucy the Hedgehog children’s book series)
  • Blossom’s School Visit (third book in the Blossom children’s book series)
  • Maui Fair Lady (first book in the Not Yet Dead Travel Club over 55 series)
  • Short stories for Still Making Memories collection (second collection of over 55 relationships)


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One Response to How much did you accomplish this year?

  1. Louise Pelzl says:

    You done a lot. But I already knew that. Thanks for being you and all the spport to gice to the writing community

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