A Family for Blossom

A Family for Blossom: Book 1 in the Blossom and Matilda Series

Book 1 in the children’s book series aimed at ages 3-9, grades pre-school to third. This book focuses on accepting changes and learning to accept new people in your life.


Blossom, an adventurous and curious cow, has a vivid imagination and a good friend in Ferdie, the bull on the neighboring farm. She loves her life, even though the cow herd leader disapproves of almost everything Blossom does.

Then her farm world changes and she is worried.

Blossom worries about adjusting to new owners and a new family. Will they accept her the way she is? Or must she change to fit in? During the adjustments, she gains a new animal friend in Matilda, a sassy and independent cat.

Categories: Children’s Books, Humor, Animals

Author: Starla Criser

Publisher: Starla Enterprises, Inc.

Illustrator: Sharon Revell

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