SECA (Seniors Exploring the Cultural Arts)

This is a group of people interested in going to cultural art events in Wichita, Kansas. We meet at two locations beginning in 2018, both usually on the first Friday of each month.

The Downtown Senior Center group meets from 1-2:00 pm. at West Side Baptist Church, 304 S Seneca until further notice.

The Linwood Senior Center group meets from 3-4:00 pm.

2018 Meeting Schedule

Jan 5 – Linwood group ONLY

Feb 2

Mar 2

Apr 6

May 4

Jun 1

Jul 6

Aug 3

Sep 7

Oct 5

Nov 2


**If you sign up at a meeting for attendance at an event, it is your responsibility to let Rebecca or I know it you cannot attend after all – 24 hours in advance. If you were unable to attend a meeting and want to attend one of our group’s scheduled events, please let either Rebecca or I know so you can be added to the reservation list.


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