Writing Craft Classes

Linwood Senior Center – First Tuesday of each month, 2:00-4:00 pm, except as noted

Downtown Senior Center – First Thursday of each month, 2:00-4:00 pm, except as noted

This writing group will explore, learn, and discuss the various aspects of the writing craft. Each month will have a specific topic and handouts of the information discussed will be provided. There is NO charge for the class or the handouts. For more info call Starla at 393-8195.

Link to Monthly Writing Exercises

2018 Program Schedule

Jan 2-Linwood             The Writing Process: PREWRITING AND SOME BASICS

Jan 4-DSC                    (Reasons to write; basic genres; basic formatting and word count; research; prewriting strategies, mapping, brainstorming, looping, free writing, listing, outlining)


Feb1-DSC                    The Writing Process: DEVELOPING THE IDEA, CHARACTERS, AND SETTINGS

Feb 6-Linwood             (Where ideas come from; project organization; discovering your characters: naming, profile, physical attributes, personality, backstory, getting to know them, motivation, goals; basic setting development, choosing a title)


Mar 1-DSC                   The Writing Process: DIGGINING DEEPER

Mar 6-Linwood            (Understanding goal, motivation, and conflict; GMC Template, Point of View; subplots; plotting basics; Novel Outline Template; effective hooks; turning points; scenes and sequels)


Apr 3-Linwood            The Writing Process: BEGINNING TO WRITE:

Apr 5-DSC                   (Using effective dialogue and dialect; understanding internalization and narration; adding in sensory elements; using body language)


May 3-DSC                  The Writing Process: BATTLING THE SAGGING MIDDLE

May 8-Linwood            (Understanding the sagging middle; structuring the middle)


Jun 5-Linwood             The Writing Process: DRAFTING THE NOVEL

Jun 7-DSC                   (Drafts in writing the novel; the first draft)


Jul 3-Linwood              The Writing Process: THE SECOND & THIRD DRAFTS

Jul 5-DSC                    (Elements of the second draft; what to check for;


Aug 9-DSC                  The Writing Process: EDITING

Aug 14-Linwood          (Proofreader’s marks; general tips; dashes, ellipsis points, numbers; from title to plot to characters with examples)


Sep 4-Linwood             FOCUS ON SECOND ANTHOLOGY – Deadline August 31, 2018

Sep 6-DSC


Oct 2-Linwood             The Writing Process: FINALIZING

Oct 4-DSC                   (Synopsis; query letter; blurb; pitch)


Nov 1-DSC                  The Writing Process: PUBLISHING

Nov 6-Linwood            (Types of publishing; publishing pitfalls; self-publishing)


Dec 4-Linwood            The Writing Process: PROMOTION

Dec 6-DSC                   (BIC codes, keywords; author bio; email signature; blog vs website; social media; media kit; promotion tips; book promotion schedule; book signing)

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