Bonnie Krenning

My First 90 Years Series

An Old Country Girl’s Beginning – Book 1

A Collection of Memories. “But grandmothers are old and grouchy and strange; not this one!” Words from one of the included poems that fit this collection so well. “I am a woman, a daughter, a mother, a sister, and so much more.” Forty reflective memories from the early years of my first ninety years. Short pieces and poetry about life, remembering family, and growing up with ten brothers and one sister.

Available as a paperback.

An Old Country Girl Makes a Family – Book 2

A collection of reflections from the second part of my life after marrying Bill and fulfilling my childhood dreams. After nine decades of living, Bonnie is still going strong. Her childhood dreams came true and she treasures her memories, and every day of her life. Most of the memories involve her family, starting with Bill, her soulmate for fifty-eight years.“ Sometimes he understood me better than I understood myself. Because he was my best friend and he loved me.” Bonnie Lacey Krenning

Available as a paperback.

An Old Country Girl’s Dreams Go On  – Book 3

A Collection of Memories
Reflections from the years of fulfilling my childhood dreams. Throughout my life I have had many pleasures including sewing, gardening, and redecorating. I harbored the dream of being a nurse since age six.

“You’ve worked hard all your life. Why don’t you just take it easy now?” Bill asked me one day when I wanted to go to college at age forty-three. “But if that’s what it takes to make you happy, okay.”

I fulfilled that dream at age forty-eight. After nine decades of living, Bonnie is still going strong.

Available as a paperback.