Sharon Lee Brown

Brownee the Story Lizard Series

Petie the Parrot’s Amazing Adventure – Book 1

Brownee is a sweet, loveable, green lizard with brown spots on her nose, a short leg, and clumsy big tail. She was found as a baby all alone by good people and adopted to their family.

The parents wanted the children to be GOOD, KIND, and POLITE. They read books and told stories to inspire them.

Brownee listened and wanted to inspire other children with stories.

Come share in Brownee’s first story, Petie the Parrot’s Amazing Adventure.

Available as a hardcover, Kindle eBook, or a paperback.

Susie the Ladybug Makes New Friends – Book 2

Brownee is a lizard on a mission.  She loved listening to her adopted people tell their children stories to inspire them to be Good, Kind, and Polite.   Brownee tells the story about Susie, a happy little ladybug with a great life.  Suddenly everything changes.  Susie has to learn about being brave and making new friends.

Available as a hardcover, Kindle eBook, or a paperback.

CAT Needs a Purpose – Book 3

Brownee the Story Lizard is determined to help inspire children to be Good, Kind, and Polite. He encourages teamwork, problem solving, and good friends working together. In this story, CAT is finding his purpose.

Available as a hardcover, Kindle eBook, or a paperback.

TE the Toad Meets a Bully – Book 4

Anyone can meet a bully, they are everywhere. Some like power, some are just mean.This bully picked on the wrong toad. TE’s friends are there for him. CAT hates the water but stands tall. Susie has plenty to say. FRIENDS WIN.

Available as a hardcover or a paperback.