Lucy and Sophia Series

It’ll Be Ok, Lucy

Lucy is a hedgehog who loves her small family and her home on the beach. She has never thought she needed more or anything different. Suddenly everything is changing, and she is worried. They are moving far away to a new place. Her family is growing with two people she has never met, and with another family pet: Sophia, a guinea pig. Will everything be okay? Will these new people like her? Will Sophia like her? She wants to be brave about the changes…but it is so hard.

Available as hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

Be Brave, Sophia

Lucy is a hedgehog who has adjusted to moving and having her family grow. She loves her new home and her new guinea pig friend, Sophia. Everything in her life is good. She and Sophia playing together and have so much fun. Until their fun turns dangerous!

On a beautiful day they are playing outside in their new balls. Rolling around is so exciting. Then the wind gets stronger. Their bouncing around gets wilder. Suddenly they bounce off the driveway and roll down the big hill behind the house toward the pond. Faster and faster! Oh my!

Will they be okay? Who will save them?

Available as paperback and hardcover.