About Me

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little about me and my writing journey.

I am one of those people who doesn’t believe age defines you. I will be forever young… at least at heart. Physically, my body disagrees some days. My mind, though, agrees to disagree with aging. Age is not a restriction to learning and taking a chance at doing something outside your comfort zone.

My life has included many moves and various working situations, not what I call “careers.” I have been a mediocre waitress, owned a coffee shop, worked as a legal secretary, acted as a receptionist in an accounting firm, and volunteered with several community organizations. And I worked for a senior services organization, where I still do volunteer work. Working with senior adults is the field that touched my heart and keeps my interest today.

As my husband likes to tease me, it took me three decades to finally finish my college degree. Partly because we moved around a lot in his early years, establishing his accounting career. Partly because I changed my major every time I started back to college. I finally graduated with a B.S. degree in gerontology from Wichita State University, which started my enjoyment of working with older adults.

I love to travel and do so whenever possible, to wherever my interest is at that moment. Sometimes I travel for work-related conferences, visit friends and relatives, or just for pure pleasure. Not letting age get in my way, I have tested the boundaries of my physical capabilities on those travels by hot air ballooning, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and ziplining. So far…there are many more items on my “before I finally move on a final time” list.

All my work/life experiences give me things to draw from for my writing. There are times when I write a lot and focus on meeting deadlines that either I set, or a publisher sets for me when I write under my pen name. There are times when I let my writing muse rest, and I simply enjoy being active with other focuses. At my age, I prefer to savor every day and let my writing imagination run free when I can’t seem to stop it.

My final degree choice led me to work with senior adults in my community. Something which I truly enjoy. I volunteer to teach these inspiring and wonderful older adults to write, whatever interests them. My students try their hands at poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs. I must admit that my favorite time in our classes is when we all (including me) share our writing exercises.

What I Write

I am a multi-published author of eight books, including six children’s books in two book series: Blossom and Matilda, and Lucy and Sophia. I have also published two anthologies of relationship stories about mature adults over age 60. And I have compiled three story collections from seniors in the Wichita, Kansas area.