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Let's all be unapologetically ourselves.

I am one of those people who doesn’t believe age defines you. I will be forever young… at least at heart. Age is not a restriction to learning and taking a chance at doing something outside your comfort zone.

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Stubborn Female

WORDS TO USE: singer – casserole – moose – shout – rose It was mid-September in Rocky Mountain National Park. The thick stand of aspens along


Not Always a Prize Worth Fighting Over

WORDS TO USE:  reporter – enchiladas – rabbit – whisper – dandelion They called him “The Rabbit Whisperer.” Whenever Horace walked in the nearby park—or


Holiday Memories

I love the winter holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. The best part about them, for me, is getting together with family and friends. Gifts and cards


Never Too Old For Fun

Last night was Carnival Night at the local senior center I volunteer with. So many people turned out! It was wonderful. We did this a

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