Using Your Imagination

In the writing classes I teach, I’m often asked where do ideas come from? Well, everywhere.

I have a fairly large collection of miniature houses and town buildings that I used to put out at Christmas time. Now I keep them out year round because I like to look at them. And they are potential sources of story ideas.

Here are a couple of my favorite buildings. What would you do with them in a story? Who owns them? What are those people like? How do these businesses fit into the rest of your town?

Use your imagination. It’s a wonderful thing!

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Never too old for fun

I’m one of those people that believe you’re never too old for fun. I’ll be a kid at heart until the day I pass on. My hope is that many of you feel this way as well. Life is far too serious; so enjoy whatever you can, whenever you can.

Recently I had a chance to cross another “dreamed of” item off my Bucket List: Zip lining. It was…amazing!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but never had the perfect opportunity. I was in Maui over Christmas and finally got that chance. I went with my son-in-law and his 75-year-old mother. It was also her first time. See! Fun at any age.

We didn’t scream or anything, which I had been a little afraid that I would do. Now I’m ready to try it again, and again, and again.

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Holiday Traditions

My craziest holiday tradition is going a little crazy decorating for Christmas. I love, love, love doing it!

It’s the time of year some of my extra collections come out: Santas, angels, snowmen, and cows. Yes, I said “cows.” I decorate a special small tree with a collection of cow ornaments, in honor of my Blossom the cow children’s book series.

My Christmas tree is crazy busy with a collection of family treasures through the years. There are the barely recognizable ornaments my daughter made as a child. Ones we’ve collected from special occasions, such as trips, favorite colleges, and many others. I look forward to putting the tree up and decorating it every year. Seeing each ornament and remembering.

I hope you all have wonderful traditions, too. This is a time of year for remembering family and friends, for being grateful for all that we’ve been given.



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