Second Blossom story now in hardcover

I love writing children’s stories, with three currently available. Blossom Sings with Her Friends is now available in hardcover.

This is a slightly revised version with a brand new cover. Hopefully the updated version will soon be available as a paperback. I’m having some issues with CreateSpace for some crazy reason. If they can’t get it together on their side, I will publish it as a paperback elsewhere.

But it is now available in hardcover.

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Someone’s Hand

I wrote a new story based on a writing prompt about someone’s hand and thought I would share it with you. Writing prompts can be a nice, simple challenge for writers. Or really anyone.

If you’re ever curious about trying one yourself, here is the link to the writing exercises I use monthly with the classes I teach. Find a prompt to challenge you. Or take a set of words and make something out of them. It can be fun…really.

Anyway, here is a link to the story based on the writing prompt “Write about the first time you held someone’s hand.” Forever Wrapped Around My Heart.

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One of my most favorite things

I collect far too much and I know it. I can’t seem to help myself, though.

I’m eclectic in my collections and my furniture. Particularly in my great room. very little goes together, which tends to drive my daughter nuts. But I don’t really care. How about you? Does everything match in your living space?

My problem is that so many different things catch my eye when I’m out shopping or traveling. That quirky carved wooden item (really love those). That amazing castle figurine that I found in an antique store. The bird house barn made of a license plate. Etc.

One of my most favorite things is a photo collage that my daughter made for me a few years back. It is so very special. Every time I walk by it I see a picture I missed the last time. Visitors to my home enjoy looking at it too.

Recently my brother-in-law retired. He and his wife sold their home here and most of their furniture. They boxed up a lot of stuff to eventually move to a new home in another city. They’re in no rush to resettle. That’s great for them and I’m happy for them. Personally, I can’t imagine not having my large collection of clutter around me. I’d miss seeing each and every unique item.


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