Patricia’s Treasures

WORDS TO USE:  dishrag – banana – pelican – tennis ball – hot

Patricia was on a hot roll of gathering treasures for her nest. She had a huge nest in the great white pelican breeding colony where she lived. It was envied by many of her friends.

While the others were off catching fish to eat, she’d spent her time searching along the coastline. Humans would leave the most amazing things behind sometimes.

Her large throat pouch was so full she could barely fly. Today she’d found two yellow items: a fuzzy tennis ball in a sad shape and a rotting banana peel. Maybe she wouldn’t end up keeping the banana peel very long. It was kind of gross.

She gracefully landed on her nest and dropped her newest treasures on the side where she put the questionable items. The ones she was still considering whether they were worth keeping.

That banana peel definitely might be going soon. It left an awful taste in Patricia’s throat. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

She turned to the side with her keeping-for-sure stuff. It took a second, but she spotted the somewhat tattered dishrag. She scooped it up and tried to get some banana taste out of her throat.

Okay, now she was hungry. Time to see if her friends had left any good fish for her to catch.

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