WRITING PROMPT: Write about a family vacation.

Her family was preparing to go on a vacation. Mom and Dad were scurrying around to make sure everything was ready. Mom mumbled to herself about they were taking too much. No, not enough.

Dad grumbled about issues with the station wagon. Something about one tire being a little low. And telling Mom he needed to save room in the back for his toolbox and extra oil. To which Mom yelled, “No!” To which he called back, “Yes!”

Chee Chee sat on Starla’s bed listening to the frustrated adults, thinking maybe they should just stay home. She liked it at home.

Tami, Starla’s younger sister, hurried into the bedroom, disregarding Starla’s earlier warning to “Stay out of my personal space.” Of course, Starla glowered at her, and Tami ignored her.

Then Chee Chee spotted a familiar fussy pink baby’s dress in Tami’s hand, and the girl was heading straight for her.

No! No! No! She scrambled to the side of the bed, but it was too high for her to jump safely down. That was the problem with being born a Chihuahua and only six inches tall. Why couldn’t she have been born a golden retriever like Ringo? He stood almost two-feet high. Oh, how she envied him his height. And that nobody ever picked on him.

Tami snagged Chee Chee, hugged her close for just a second. That was okay. She enjoyed being snuggled by one of her people. Except it didn’t last.

Suddenly, that ridiculous dress was being tugged over her head. While she cringed, gritting her teeth against the embarrassing situation, Tami pushed her front legs through the sleeves. She could see herself in the mirror across from the bed and squeezed her eyes shut. She wanted to scream out, “I’m not one of your dolls!”

“Doesn’t she look cute?” Tami questioned in delight to her sister. “Pink is definitely her color.”

Chee Chee watched Starla roll her eyes and shake her head. “Why do you do this to her? You should get your stuff together for the trip.”

Tami pouted and again hugged Chee Chee. “She wants to look her best for the trip.”

Yes, yes, I do! Chee Chee thought. So, take this thing off and brush me instead.

Starla went back to her own packing and gave up on helping Chee Chee. A couple of seconds later, Tami lost interest in dressing her because her sister didn’t care any longer. So, she abandoned Chee Chee on the bed and left the room.

Wait! Chee Chee squeaked. Get this off me!

Tami kept going.

Starla couldn’t seem to be bothered with her problem.

The only one who appeared to care was Ringo. He strolled into the room, saw her, his eyes sparkling with amusement. Then he came to her rescue by nudging Starla with her nose and barking as he nodded at Chee Chee.

Giving a resigned sigh, Starla took pity on her and removed the dress, then sat her on the floor.

Chee Chee started to leave the room with Ringo. But she wanted to tell him to grab that stupid dress and chew it up. When she turned back to him, he had already snatched it from the edge of the bed and was shoving it far under the bed.

Her hero!

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