The Crazy Things I Do

Okay, I have quite a few quirks, things that make me, me. But who doesn’t?

I have far too many collections: teapots, funny birdhouses, unique wood cups and bowls, funny coffee cups. The list could go on and on. My daughter is sometimes horrified when she thinks about inheriting them someday. That’s HER problem. I enjoy them and will probably keep adding to them until the day I pass on.

I’m also a serious list maker: grocery lists (which I forget to take with me), garden lists of my plants, lists of nearly everything that passes through my mind. Today I made an intense list of the restaurants, cafes, diners, fast food places, dessert places, and coffee shops in Derby and Wichita, Kansas.

I made it because some of my family here likes to at least once a week go out to eat together. The other day we talked about maybe doing so in alphabetical order. Hence my brilliant list. In case you’re curious about this list, here it is. Wichita Food Places

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