When Did I… ?

Have you ever tried to do something you did a gazillion times in the past, like climbing a ladder? I used to paint my walls every few years. I zipped right up the ladder, did the painting, and scrambled right back off the ladder. No big deal. But now… well, it’s not quite as easy. I can get up the ladder, maybe not as fast as when I was twenty or thirty. Coming down gracefully isn’t pretty. Aging is tricky business.

How about floor exercises? Not long ago, at least in my mind, I could plop down on the floor and exercise away. Okay, push-ups, no. Even tired from the workout I could manage to scramble to my feet. Now it takes more effort, and it isn’t real pretty.

Want to talk about doing Jumping Jacks like we had to do in Phys Ed classes? I never liked them, but it wasn’t a problem. My feet don’t want to leave the floor now, and it’s not like I really want to do those ridiculous Jumping Jacks. Still, it frustrates me that my body just laughs at me and refuses to cooperate. So, okay, I won’t try them anymore.

In the picture for this post, notice the lady reaching out but not quite reaching her toes. She isn’t me, but that would be my reach.

Sadly, the list of activities I once gave no real thought to is on the “Are You Serious?” list these days.

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